Turkmenistan Govt delegation visit to Afghanistan TAPI gas pipeline project – AISSC perspective

The recent visit by the Turkmenistan government delegation to Afghanistan for initiating the process for the TAPI gas pipeline project by engaging with the Taliban government has opened up numerous channels of opportunities for the Afghan Government. TAPI has been a flagship project for the Turkmen government but the region’s unstable security situation and tensions among participating countries especially between Afghanistan, Pakistan and India has led to cost escalation which now amounts to 10billion USD from a mere 2 billion USD estimated at the time of coining this term. AISSC’s perspective on this is that the Taliban government must pull all its strings in the right direction to commence this project while; providing safety and security for not only personnel working on it but also long-term security arrangements to safeguard the project’s infrastructure crossing its territory. Listen to more podcasts like this visit our Spotify channel.


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